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We are working towards building a safe future by introducing sustainable packaging solutions that do not cause any harm to environment and society. It is with our focus over environment and society, that we are contributing our share fairly in building a community that is safe to live in. We make use of only the best resources to produce aforementioned products in quality and provide investment benefitting results to our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to indulge in innovation of sustainable packaging solutions to support safe delivery of all types of goods in domestic and foreign markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce such packaging solutions that do not harm the environment and provide benefit to users in all industrial sectors. 

What We Do?

We are a one stop shop for national and international companies to avail the finest packaging solutions at competitive prices. We have smart solutions for bakery packaging and printing. As a responsible partner to companies, we involve in smart manufacturing so that our clients can get ordered products within scheduled time period. 

Our Manufacturing Plants

Kwik Lok Japan Ltd. is a proud manufacturing concern of Bag Closures, Closure Labels and Closure Machines. We have developed advanced manufacturing plants at Yakima, Canada, New Haven, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Europe and China for producing aforesaid packaging items in large quantities and meeting requirements for domestic and international companies. 

Let Us Return To Our Roots

In the year 1954, Mr. Floyd Paxton started supplying nailing machines to companies indulged in Washington State Apple Industry. After many years, packaging of apples switched from boxes to plastic based bags and it was when farmers asked Mr. Floyd for assistance. Mr. Floyd then came up with the idea of producing Bag Closure and the foundation of Kwik Lok Japan took place. His idea to introduce bag closures became a huge success for safe keeping and shipping of apples. 

After Mr. Floyd, his son Mr. Jerre started handling the company. He introduced new systems for producing closure systems and also developed six production factories for producing billions of bag closures and assisting in packaging of spices, apples, flat breads, noodles, breads and many more products. 

The third generation then took over the work of handling the company. In the 2018, three daughters of Mr. Jerre started working for the benefit of the company by paying attention to introducing sustainable packaging solutions. 

What Makes Our Closures Special?

From many years, we have been focused on introducing reusable and recyclable Bag Closures along with high performance Closing Machines. Our closures prove to be ideal and low-cost packaging products that not only supports in safe shipping of products but also reduces wastage. Our entire array of closures is best featured for its 100% traceability, easy usage and lasting results. 

More Than Just Bag Closures

Ours is a family owned organization that is focused to introduce smart packaging products for professional use in numerous sectors. We started with the production of Bag Closures and with its huge success, began manufacturing labels and other packaging items. We have grown from a small to a big, internationally known company by introducing all top quality packaging solutions for smart packing business works.

Our Journey

Our company was founded by Mr. Floyd Paxton, an engineer, who saw potential in the packaging business post-World War II. At that time, our establishment was offering wel-developed wooden, box nailing as well as labelling machines to the hugely popular Washington State Apple Industry.

Apple Bag Closure Icon

Kwik Lok closure came into existence when apple distributors asked Mr. Floyd to support them by providing advanced and reliable solution for packaging apple boxes.

Apple and Kwik Lok Icon

Kwik Lok Corporation was founded many years back. In the very first year of its foundation, it became famous for manufacturing dependable closure systems for keeping Washington State Apples fresh, safe and easy to deliver. 

World Icon

We are proud to state that we own over six robust and capacious factories wherein 330 people (Approx.) work and produce billions of products for domestic and international packaging use. In the year 2015, a new generation family member joined the business. This business is now being handled and owned by the sisters- Ms. Kimberly Paxton-Hagner, Ms. Stephanie Paxton Jackson and Ms. Melissa Steiner.

A Fresh Start

The global food safety policy concerns and points out the use of sustainable packaging solutions. The sisters along with smart and skilled team, are paying attention to the same and introducing greener packaging solutions that promote safe packaging in an environment-friendly manner. 

Our Board Members

  • Mr. Stephen Westby
  • Ms. Kimberly Paxton-Hagner
  • Ms. Melissa Steiner
  • Ms. Stephanie Jackson
  • Ms. Alan Cottle
  • Ms. Karen Xiao
  • Ms. Gail Dobberthien
  • Mr. Jeff Mendenhall
  • Ms. Archana Arunkumar


Shaping The Industry

Modern customers are looking for sustainable packaging solutions to safe pack their offerings and we, with great pride state that we have become a specialist in offering the same. We are producing Closure Labels, Bag Closures and Closure Machines for smart and efficient packaging of bakery and other products. We have also launched temper-evident solutions for specific packaging works. Believing in the fact that there is nothing better than delighting customers, we are innovating better packaging products that meet modern customers need for efficient and safe packaging works. 

  • Material: We look for supreme class materials for manufacturing packaging products, which have no effect environment. 
  • Technology: We are investing in smart technologies for faster production of packaging items. 
  • Service: We provide unmatched support to our experts for running production in a smooth manner.
  • Strategic Alliance: For innovating better functionality of packaging items, we have formed strong alliance with ARC, BioLogiQ, Markem Image and other companies. 

Innovations In The Past

  • Introduced 112 kinds of bag closures
  • More than 200 retail machines in 400 (Approx.) variations
  • 60 patents for our all our machines, closures and technologies

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dedicated To Building Sustainable Future

We follow a fresh start initiative to support our community. As per this initiative, we design and develop non-environment harming packaging products and support in reliable packaging works. 

Our Strategies

We have made four strategies to support our community. These strategies are bulleted below:

  • Creating opportunities for people through education
  • Improving safety of our employees as well as people associated with us
  • Protecting our environment by ensuring zero wastage during production 
  • Indulging in innovation of eco-friendly products to support usage of green materials

Introducing Fibre-Lok

With the success of sustainable fibre material, we started producing Fibre Locks. These are safe for using and does not harm environment. It is with the introduction of these locks that we have gained our competitiveness in the industry. 

Our Partnerships

Partnership with Ridwell

We proudly boast of our partnership with Ridwell to save filling up of landfill as much as possible. Ridwell picks up produce or bread tags from the markets in Portland and supports us in conducting research on these tags. 

Partnership in U.S. Plastic Pact

We have connected with the U.S. Plastic Pact to deliver the following:

  • Elimination of packaging materials, which are harmful to the environment 
  • Introducing 100% reusable and recyclable packaging materials by the year 2025
  • Recycle 50% of the packaging based in plastic by 2025
  • Ensure introduction of biobased content in packaging 

Partnership In ANZPAC Plastics Pact

Kwik Lok Australia has successfully connected with the ANZPAC Plastics Pact to ensure no plastic can ever harm the environment and cause pollution. With this collaboration, we have agreed to increase the availability of non-harming packaging products and introducing of completely recyclable products. 

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